The Top 100 PSP Games 2022 UPDATE PlayStation Portable

With no leads on where Jak might be held, Daxter assumes the role of a bug exterminator. You take up jobs in clearing out hotels, bars, and construction sites, using a fly swatter and bug sprays to kill bugs. The city serves as a main hub that connects all these locales together and Daxter uses various vehicles to travel the map.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

And the great thing about this game is that there are multiple court styles to test your mettle on too, with all of the usual moves that the pros use available at your disposal. In this visual novel, you create your own single dad who moves with their teenage daughter to a new town, which also happens to be filled with other single dads looking to woo you. BioWare has seen better days but at its zenith the studio has been responsible for some of the strongest storytelling in games, as well as a penchant for creating many an opportunity for its diverse cast to get it on. A virtual dating experience can be just as fun and meaningful as a night on the town, and certainly more eventful than a fancy dinner. Relive the thrilling battles that raged across the European landscape. Assume the role of General Patton, commanding the Third U.S. Army from the beaches of Normandy, to the capital of the Third Reich, Berlin.

It’s your job to tilt and tumble with the cute little blobs to escape a nefarious song created by the Moja Boss to suck the life force out of all living things. The LocoRoco need to inject the life back into their planet, and that’s where you come in. LocoRoco 2 has twice the colors, music, and smiles of the original, as you work to solve puzzles and restore the LocoRoco back to the original glory. If you can believe it, this entry is even better than the first LocoRoco.

Though not developed specifically for the handheld, as the game was released five years earlier on PC in Japan before ever hitting Sony’s PSP, the remake translated well into the handheld space. One of the most exciting rhythm games the PlayStation 2 ever saw was given a new lease on life with Gitaroo Man Lives! Players take on the role of a young boy named U-1, who finds himself the new wielder of the Gitaroo, a powerful instrument that turns him into Gitaroo Man.

In goal, a myriad of improvements and refinements to goalkeeper intelligence result in a more responsive and powerful rushing system and ultra-realistic saves. Three new innovations revealed today at E3 have been developed to change the player control experience in FIFA Soccer 10. The first-ever true 360 degree dribbling system gives players finer control of the ball, enabling them to find spaces between defenders that previously were not possible. Using an all-new animation technology, skilled dribblers now have the ability to face the defender and use highly responsive lateral dribbling to skip past him.

Dating Sim

Developed by Square Enix, Crisis Core takes place seven years prior to start of Final Fantasy VII. The adventure follows Zak Fair, a SOLDIER working for the Shinra Corporation. He was briefly mentioned in the original FFVII game, but receives a fleshed out storyline in Crisis Core. The game is an action RPG that will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours between its 400+ quests and monster hunts. If you need more Monster Hunter in your life, then pick up Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the PSP. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep brings the familiar formula to the PSP with a few new additions. If you’re a fan of racing titles, then be sure to add Wipeout Pure to your collection.

You will be able to select the favorite NFL team in Madden NFL 07 and then proceed with the gameplay. There is a large number of mini-games available for you to try as well. Clannad is a visual novel adventure game available for PlayStation 4. It allows you to trace two periods in the life of a young Japanese – the last months of school and a few years of early adulthood. Both stages are filled with numerous dramas and fantastic elements.

Did we just say Burnout Legends is one of the best arcade racers on the PSP? When it comes to best arcade racer, Wipeout Pure takes the cake. Set in the year 2197, this futuristic anti-gravity racing game developed by Studio Liverpool has players speeding across 16 unique tracks with 8 different team ships . Burnout Legends is a mix & mash port featuring maps, cars and gameplay modes from the first three Burnout titles. If you enjoy arcade racers, then Burnout Legends should definitely be in your PSP game collection. Once you begin to play though, you’ll realize it’s so much more.

The classic, entertaining golf franchise returns to the PSP with new quirky characters, beautiful courses and a huge variety of customizable options that enable you to take your golf game wherever you go. 12 exotic courses – Play on tropical islands, the arid desert, beside snow-capped mountains and along the coast. Experience the fun of Hot Shots Golf with the widely acclaimed classic game play. Tee off locally with up to 8 players and settle the score via Ad Hoc either head-to-head or in tournament play. Upgrade your clubs and golf balls to execute more accurate shots, longer drives, tighter approach shots and perfect putts. The latest and the greatest in the seminal WipEout series, “Pure” distils the essence of anti-gravity racing and futuristic adrenaline-fuelled combat.

At the hospital, a psychiatrist uses a machine to take Danny inside his own mind, like Psychonauts–if Raz stuck one of those little doors on the back of his own head. Once inside, levels resemble Escher’s pencil drawings and Danny must search them for marbles which will unlock the exit. Like Fez five years later, Crush requires players to switch from the default 3D perspective to a 2D perspective (a mechanic called “crushing”) that allows Danny to navigate once-impassable areas.

God of War: Chains of Olympus

Soul Sacrifice is something of a Monster Hunter clone but thanks to its unique saving and sacrificing mechanics it manages to stand on its own. Delta adds a brand new faction and story content based on the Brother’s Grimm Fairytales. Released in 2014, Soul Sacrifice Delta is cancel account a digital-only action RPG developed by Sony’s Japan Studio. Delta is both a follow-up and an expansion of the original Soul Sacrifice that released a year prior making it the definitive version for fans. Most of the PSP holders love to engage with the Final Fantasy game.

There’s also a chance to customise your very own player to take on the court too. You will get angry when you blow up for the 100th time in one session, it’s just par for the course. It’s a bona fide classic on any system; I reckon they could just churn it out like GTA on every console and people would always lap it up. Although, if you hook up to WiFi you can compete against other taxi drivers to see who can get the most fares in a limited amount of time and stealing passengers from them. But, it worked with Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Gameboy Colour, and you get that same kind of thrill when playing Puzzle Quest. I know what you’re thinking, and no, this game isn’t totally rubbish.

It seems that Windows users have all the fun, while users of competing operating systems are left out in the cold. Fortunately, the tide is changing since the latest wave of dating simulation games also support Linux and OS X. Though Sony ceased hardware production of the PlayStation Portable back in 2014, 2021 brings digital purchases of PSP titles to a close, which means there is limited time for gamers to add PSP favorites to their collections. There is loads of the classic platforming/action gameplay that Naughty Dog excels at, and the wacky cast of characters keep the whole thing ticking along at an exciting pace. The perfect PSP game to play with your younger siblings/children looking over your shoulder. Age of Zombies is a game that has been able to take the traditional zombie games into the next level.

Taking a job as a pest exterminator, to fight an ongoing invasion of metal-bugs, Daxter comes equip with gadgets to rid the city of these metal nuisances. Get close up and personal by using your flimsy bug swatter to squash an army of attacking insects or your spray gun to hover around a variety of environments while picking up various upgrades. If you’re really looking for dating sims, the DS has a lot more to offer. The psp games are not only lacking in that genre, but also most of them are in full JP. So you’re browsing through Steam, and looking for a gripping dating simulation game.