Words Of Affirmation: How To Use It, 56 Signs, Tips & Examples To Say It Right

It also takes slowing down and wanting to change negative thoughts to positive ones. Scientific studieshave shown the effectiveness and power of affirmations. He mentioned he doesn’t know how to say things to me. All is up in his head but nothing came out from his mouth. But he also used to say to not be put any expectations, not to have hopes, not to be all out.

Date Someone Who Makes You Want To Be A Better Person

Once I learned to love myself, I realized I deserved love. Now it is time to shift focus to attracting that special someone. Let’s take a journey through 87 love affirmations to attract your special someone and find the right fit for you. I’ve learned to use words of affirmation in every aspect of my life. Specifically, love affirmations do more than bring love to you; they teach you how to love yourself. The one-two combo is easy to brag about because affirmationsfor love do work.

If you’re asking your partner to put in more effort to make you feel loved, you should do the same thing for them. A relationship should be 50-50, https://hookupsranked.com/ so you need to give in order to receive. So, communicate with them and learn about their love languages to show them how much you care.

Tangible gifts can be physical objects, but they can also be pre-paid experiences like event tickets or gift certificates for restaurants, movies, and spas. For some, a Tangible Gift can even be paid time off. If you delight in receiving tokens of appreciation in the form of material objects, your love language is Tangible Gifts. It’s offered randomly, and it’s especially powerful when given for undervalued tasks or interactions that aren’t directly tied to performance metrics. While a company shows recognition for a sales rep overperforming on a quota, a manager can express appreciation to a sales rep for asking insightful questions in a team standup. Whether you get along with your family or not, it never hurts to share some kind words with them.

Acts of service might include doing the dishes, bringing them a donut from the breakroom, covering some of their responsibilities, or running an errand for them. Thoughtful service is a major way to demonstrate love, loyalty, and care for others. People with the love language of words of affirmation treasure those “I love you’s” and other sweet compliments.

The Five Love Languages: Words of Affirmation

Get equipped with tips to grow closer to Christ & your long-distance boyfriend. Other times, he’ll be wrestling with a difficult decision and seek your opinion. This is an opportunity to encourage him by pointing out parts of his thought process that are aligning with Biblical wisdom.

If you’re keen to ask for more words of affirmation from your partner, one way is to set an example. Give them more words of affirmation and see if that triggers them to do the same for you. By doing this, you’re making it a habit in your relationship that should be reciprocated. Texting is faster, but there’s just something special about a handwritten letter. So, don’t be shy to spill your passion onto the page. Cuddling, holding hands, and sitting close to one another to show love and affection.

Ultimately, the compatibility of the words of affirmation and quality time love languages in a relationship all comes down to “intention and effort,” as Dr. Schewitz says. If you and your partner put forth energy and mindfulness about satisfying each other’s needs and working toward a solid, balanced relationship, you’re bound to find success. For those who feel love through Words of Affirmation, they may need to regularly hear or read praise and encouragement from those they interact with. They may choose to provide verbal or written feedback for the important people in their lives, as well. On the flip side, they may be more damaged by negative or hurtful words than people who identify with other love languages.

Never Give Up Affirmations

In the end, I found that being friendly does, in fact, cultivate kindness. And the research backs me up, showing that using positive language can not only improve health, but it’s contagious and doubles as a tool for overcoming stress and prejudice. I did, however, feel better connected to each friend, even if our exchanges were brief, vapid, or had nothing to do with the affirmations at all.

Men are moved by what we see, and women are moved by what they hear. That’s a very popular assertion about men and women and it also presupposes that women definitely want to hear words of affirmation. That’s true, but like I said in Episode 1, the love languages are not gender-specific. The trick to getting started with this practice, especially if expressing yourself verbally is not natural to you, is to work on noticing the good things in your relationship. This can be hard to do because many of them are so ever-present we forget to pay them any attention.

As a result, I don’t show up for the same people I expect to be there for me. However you decide to use words of affirmation, just be sure that you are being genuine and authentic. Whether it be a family member, a romantic partner, a friend, or a colleague, they will be able to tell if you aren’t being authentic in your delivery. Share from your heart and your relationship with that person will be strengthened.

Indeed, there are a number of phone apps for purchase that come pre-stocked with affirmations related to health, wealth, and relationships. The formula for writing effective affirmations is actually quite simple. I am in a different season in life, but I love the person I am today. Love affirmations don’t stop when you find that special someone; it only turns the page to a new chapter in your life. It is easy to give up on ourselves because that inner voice tries to drown out the positive with the negatives.